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dc.creatorHoch, Henrique Jahnke
dc.creatorFaistel, Tiago Miguel Klein
dc.creatorToebe, Ademir
dc.creatorAndrade, António Manuel Santos Spencer
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dc.titleConversor Doubler Output Coupled Inductor para Aplicações de Fontes Alternativaspor
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dc.description.resumoHigh step-up DC-DC converters are necessary in photovoltaic energy generation, due the low voltage of the panels source. This article propose the Doubler Output Coupled Inductor converter. This converter is based in boost converter and utilize switched capacitors and a coupled inductor to maximize the static voltage gain. The converter achieve a high voltage gain with low turns ratio in the coupled inductor and an acceptable duty cycle. Can highlight the converter utilize low number of components and have low voltage and current stresses in semiconductors. To validate and evaluate the operation of the converter a 200W prototype is simulated.

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  • Proceedings of the 13th Seminar on Power Electronics and Control (SEPOC 2021) [82]
    The Seminar on Power Electronics and Control (SEPOC) is an international conference technically co-sponsored by IEEE-IAS.

    SEPOC 2021 was held online from May 15 to 18, 2021, organized by the IEEE Student Branch and Professional Joint Chapter from the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), the National Institute of Science and Technology on Distributed Generation (INCT-GD), the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE-UFSM) and the Technology Center (CT/UFSM).
    The objective of the seminar was to provide interaction between academia and industry to discuss the latest cutting-edge technologies on Power Electronics and Control and their applications. The SEPOC 2021 theme was "Photovoltaic Energy and The Consolidation of Distributed Generation".

    Proceedings Editor: Prof. Dr. Fernanda de Morais Carnielutti
    Conference Chair and Proceedings Co-Editor: Prof. Dr. Lucas Vizzotto Bellinaso

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